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Build your record collection with amazing music, try a monthly subscription or one-off purchase from VinylBox, starting from £32.

The Picturehouse Team

18 Mar 22

Members! Have we got news for you!

We love finding ways to help you get the most from your Picturehouse Membership, to get more bang for your buck! We're on a mission to give you access to exclusive deals that you just can't get anywhere else, whilst also introducing you to exciting new, upcoming or seasoned brands that get the Picturehouse seal of approval.

Let us introduce you to VinylBox. They help you discover amazing music on vinyl, with themed monthly music drops that you get to choose from. Whether you're a record collector, music aficionado, or just starting out, VinylBox has got you covered. 

With a VinylBox subscription, you're in control: subscribe and build your collection every month, with the freedom to pause, skip or cancel at any time. Or, buy a one-off box, it's your choice.

Then, sit back and wait for your box to drop on your doorstep. Unbox and feel that buzz as you gently remove the vinyl from the sleeve and place it on the record player for a journey of discovery. VinylBox have an army of trusted music aficionados, personalities and influencers who do all the hard work so you don't have to.

Haven't got a record player? No problem! They have one to suit every budget, with a choice of three record players to partner with your VinylBox. They really have thought of everything!

The offer

Picturehouse Member exclusive! Buy one VinylBox and get one box for free (minimum spend of £32).

VinylBox is a monthly Vinyl subscription box, which offers a curated journey of discovery and re-discovery, for those who want to build or add to their vinyl collections. They curate themed boxes, reviewing albums from around the world and only selecting those which are highly rated by music fans globally and including them in their boxes. It's music as it's meant to be listened to, the format for richness and depth, in the sequence the artist intended.

Picturehouse Members can get a free mystery box with their first purchase. Build your essential music collection, one box at a time.

Interested? Keep an eye out on your emails with details on how to redeem, or contact our Customer Care team.

Free standard UK Delivery.

Offer exclusive to Picturehouse Members. Not a Member? Join today.

Offer valid for Picturehouse Members, on their first purchase only. Offer valid for new VinylBox customers only. The VinylBox 'Buy One Get One Free' offer can be used on multiple items in the first order – for each vinyl you order, you will receive an additional vinyl for free. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer not valid on record players. Terms and conditions apply.