About Us

Picturehouse Entertainment is the award-winning film distribution arm of Picturehouse. Since 2010, we have been releasing outstanding films from all across the world, and delivering them to our audiences in cinemas across the country. Our vision for these films is to connect to a wide and under-served audience in a unique and visionary way.

It is our mission to ensure a great film, that might otherwise go undiscovered, finds its big-screen audience. Picking a great film is one thing, seeing it through to opening weekend is another which is why we're proud of the multiple award-winning success and critical acclaim many of our films have received.

Great cinema has the power to change lives but should always have entertainment as an essence. We are proud of the variety of films that we have put our name to and are excited to be part of the journey of many more to come.

To contact the Picturehouse Entertainment distribution team please email info@picturehouseentertainment.co.uk.

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