This page explains the current facilities for people with disabilities and is intended to assist you in planning your visit.

Accessibility Helpline: 0207 294 7908

Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908. Check out the Relay UK app for more details.

The helpline is open Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm, every day except Christmas Day.

Find general information about accessibility at Picturehouse here.

Advance booking

Booking in advance online or by telephone is always a good idea – this means that our staff can readily provide any assistance you require. We're happy to reserve wheelchair spaces or seats for any particular part of the auditorium if this is helpful for customers with disabilities and accompanying carers are eligible for a free ticket.

If you have any questions about your booking, we have a dedicated accessibility line: reach out on 02072 947 908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908).

Our Screen

No. of seats: 278
No. of wheelchair spaces: 4
Able to run with audio description? Yes
Screen dimensions: 8.3m x 3.5m

Physical Access around the Cinema

The ground floor is accessible to customers with limited mobility including wheelchair users. The Box Office, Kiosk, access toilet and screen are all located on the ground floor.

Physical Access in our Screen

There are four wheelchair spaces in the screen. From the foyer, there is a small ramp from which to access the Kiosk and Screen. We regret that at present there is no lift and consequently the Balcony and Bar can only be accessed by ascending a staircase of 25 steps.

Dedicated wheelchair spaces, are available in the following locations: Screen 1: Rows M & K, Seats 5 & 14

Downstairs, aisles are located between seats 4 & 5 and seats 15 & 16 - seats 14 in rows B, D, F, H, K, M.
In the balcony, aisles are located between Q 5 & 6, 12 & 13, R 4 & 5, 13 & 14

Sofa seats are double seats with no armrest in between. These are sold as two seats and are located on screen 1 balcony:
Seats Q13-15

All seats have immovable arm rests, and chairs are fixed together.

The distance of the space between seats – from the front of one row of seats to the back of another – is approximately 92cm. The distance of the aisles between seats – from the front of one row of seats to the back of another – is approximately 35cm wide. The seat base and back are approx 48cm wide; 64cm wide including arm rests.

Row P has a little more room. The distance of the space between seats – from the front of one row of seats to the back of another – is approximately 124cm. The distance of the aisles between seats – from the front of one row of seats to the back of another – is approximately 60cm wide

The sofa seats are approximately 110cm wide; 160cm wide including arm rests. 65cm deep and back height is 50cm. These are sold as two separate seats.

Visually impaired customers

Guide dogs are welcome. If you wish to take your dog into a performance, please let us know when booking so that we can arrange an aisle seat. Our staff will be happy to provide drinking water for your dog. Large-print film schedules are available on request.

Customers with impaired hearing

An Induction loop system is fitted in the auditorium. To access the system, you will need to turn your hearing aid to the 'T' position. Certain performances carry subtitles and these are clearly indicated in the programme.

Subtitled (Captioned) Screenings

We offer regular Subtitled (Captioned) screenings, which provide a transcription of the audio from a film, displayed at the bottom of the cinema screen. Along with the dialogue from the film, the subtitles include non-dialogue audio such as "(sighs)" or "(door creaks)" to ensure people who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the full film plot. These screenings may also benefit those with English as a second language. We endeavour to programme two subtitled screenings per week. Please note that not all films are provided with a Subtitle (Captioned) track, so some weeks we may have fewer subtitled screenings as a result.

Blue Badge parking

Unfortunately, there is no disabled parking bay on either of the adjacent streets.


There is a wheelchair-accessible adapted toilet on the ground floor. There is an alarm cord inside should you need to summon a member of staff. The Gents toilets are 15 steps downstairs, and the Ladies toilets are 15 steps up from the ground floor.

Autism-Friendly Screenings

 Unfortunately, Duke Of York's does not do these currently. However, our sister site Duke's at Komedia host these once a month on the Third Sunday of the month, normally around 10.00.

Dementia-Friendly Screenings

Dementia-Friendly Screenings are screenings are open to all but adapted to enable people living with Dementia to enjoy a trip to the cinema. The films are specially programmed and include older classics and musicals. Sound levels are turned down if it is a loud soundtrack, the lights are left on at a low level and there are no trailers or adverts at the beginning of the film. Free tea/coffee and biscuits are served before the film to give audience members a chance to socialise and familiarise themselves with the building. There is a short interval about halfway through the film and audience members are welcome to take a break from the screen, make noise and move around as needed. Autism Friendly screenings run on the fourth Friday of the month with refreshments from 10.30 and the film starting at 11.00. Tickets are £4 per person, with free tickets for accompanying carers.

Bookings and general enquiries

Wheelchair spaces and Carers tickets are bookable online. (For Carers Tickets please see Carers section). Alternatively to book wheelchair spaces or carer tickets by phone, or for all other accessibility enquires, please call our dedicated accessibility hotline 02072 947908 (Text Relay call 18001 02072 947908).