Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind, plus recorded introduction from director Nadine White.

Suitable for: Year 6 - Year 11 students
Subjects: History, Geography, PSHE and Citizenship
Length of event: 60 minutes (approx), including 5min recorded introduction
Price: £4 per student (min 25 students or a flat fee of £100 for smaller groups)
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An insightful and moving documentary from award-winning journalist Nadine White, Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind peels back the layered tales of the Caribbean children who grew up away from their parents, who migrated to help rebuild wartorn Britain following WWII. 

The story of Windrush has come into painfully sharp focus in recent years, but what is less well-known is the story of the children who only knew of their parents through the 'barrel' care packages they sent back to the Caribbean. When the children eventually joined them in the UK, they had to go on a journey of reconciliation and rediscovery within a new world that made little sense to them and with parents who were often like strangers to them.

Using beautiful archive images alongside stories from those initially left behind, this film chronicles a key part of British history and will serve to enhance students' knowledge of the Windrush migration

Those telling their stories as 'Barrel Children' include Neil Kenlock (founder of Choice FM and former UK Black Panthers photographer), Evadney Campbell MBE (former BBC broadcaster) and Blacker Dread (reggae record producer).

Director: Nadine White
Starring: Blacker Dread, Evadney Campbell MBE, Neil Kenlock MBE, Burchell Davidson, Merlyn Rhone, Jennifer Pringle, Dr Elaine Arnold, Samuel Nelson

Recorded Introduction
Before the film we will show a short recorded introduction with Nadine White, the director, giving a brief explanation of the story of Windrush and why she came to make this film. 

Curriculum connections:

The themes explored within the film correlate with parts of the national curriculum such as KS2 & KS3 history, KS3 geography, KS4 citizenship and KS4 sociology.

Students will gain knowledge of and insight into the Windrush migration, an important aspect of British and World History, providing context for further learning.
Parallels can also been drawn between the experiences of the Barrel Children and child evacuees in the UK during WWII

Students will learn about the lives of experiences of predominantly Black families who migrated from various Caribbean countries to live and work in the UK, between 1948 and the early 1970s.  
This insight will help to provide insight into the realities and perspectives from within these communities, as well as the ongoing consequences of global displacement.These lessons will highlight the need for mutual respect and understanding. 

Students will better understand aspects of human geography.
This learning specifically relates to population, urbanisation and international development, in the context of mass migration of Caribbean people, between 1948 and the early 1970s. 

Students will learn about the lived of experiences of predominantly Black families who migrated from various Caribbean countries to the UK between 1948 and the early 1970s.  
The documentary features input from lauded academic Dr Elaine Arnold who has applied John Bowlby's attachment theory in her extensive study of African Caribbean families and the impact of serial migration. 

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